Mr. Naveen Bhatia , founder of ranuclub e-commerce website, Naveen works across all departments and disciplines in different companies. Naveen works on new business development and client collaboration, helping clients to design their digital roadmaps and plan their mid-long term development plans. Naveen  also spends a great deal of his time working with and coaching for  product and sales teams, focusing on creative concepts and marketing best practice for owned and client products. Last and perhaps most importantly Naveen works on the development of Ranuclub's business strategy.

Naveen has been the founder of bhuvi enterprises startups. As he explains “Most of them ended up in the famous startup graveyard. A few of them survived and a few even made some money allowing us to build and reinvest in new ventures. But truthfully I believe each one was setting us up for our biggest adventure yet.

Who is us ? “I’ve worked myself as a worker, Bhuvi Enterprises is the first business we all built together and Working with them both has made me a better businessman, they each bring something very special to the industry. Naveen got  degree in mechanical engineering and technology, spending his student years primarily in Haryana. “I’ve always been attracted to the tech, even when I was young, so making the decision to study that was an easy one and business seemed sensible. But the transformative moment education was when I was attending an entrepreneurship course in Delhi. Within ten minutes of being in the class I felt like the world opened up to me. I was like the proverbial fish that was put back in water, I was revitalised and excited about my professional future. I've to say a big thank you to my closest friend, he was instrumental in helping me find my way.”

Naveen graduated and start e-com web “Not many people were interested in hiring digital specialists” says Naveen but he was persistent and 4 years later he has copious experience in the field, holding positions in both the corporate, startup and agency spheres. “The experience I garnered through those years taught me what I wanted my own businesses to be like and what I didn’t want them to be like. So when I felt I’d learnt enough I struck out on my own, that was 3 years ago and I have never looked back.”

A dedicated single man, Naveen lists moments with closest friend. At the top of his bucket list is to travel all over india . ‘Can you imagine first trip on foot, Can’t wait for the first trip!” he laughs. Naveen’s personal motto is ‘Be a voice, not an echo’ and you can certainly see him bringing this sentiment to life in the way he approaches his businesses. Never afraid of pushing the boundaries and trying new things, he has driven the Ranuclub team to pursue projects that sometimes really felt insurmountable but as the whole Ranuclub team can happily confirm, the support and the drive they feel from the founders has certainly made them better at their jobs, and contributes to the enjoyment of working. 

In closing, Naveen explains briefly the vision for Ranuclub, “ Our ambition is not really to build the next amazon or flipkart etc. (even if we love the idea and we love dreaming about it). Rather we believe our destiny is to create the modern-day version of a family run business that outlasts us as founders and continues to grow eons after we’ve retired. As founders, we want to try lead by example. We want to encourage more people to become entrepreneurs and we encourage more women to find their way into coding and technology.”

Mr. Naveen Bhatia

(Founder of Ranuclub)

Working Hour : 10 am - 6 pm

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